Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Treat Full of Sweet

Today I made some adorable Valentine favors. Some girlfriends and I kicked off our first craft night affair and since we were meeting in February I wanted to bring them a little something special for Valentines. Just something small to let them know how much they mean to me. Girlfriends are a very important thing to have in your life and I’m blessed to have this fabulous group of women to call friends.

I used a super fun product from We R Memory Keepers called the Pillow Box Punch Board. I think I own about 4 of their punch boards now and I just love them. Once you get the hang of them they are  awesome. The things you can create are just limitless. These little pillow boxes would be perfect for your child to take treats to share at school, to give a little somethin’ somethin’ to you BFF, or maybe a special holiday treat for your co-workers. I really do mean limitless.

I started with a rectangle piece of cardstock cut 6 x 5 inches. Then I followed the simple instructions that came with the punch board. Although the board does limit how wide your pillow box can be, you can choose a length anywhere between 4 to 12 inches.

With the 6 inch side against the top of my punch board I started with the edge of my cardstock at the well marked START LINE. Then I punched, scored on the curved line and on the vertical line. Next you shift your paper left to the NOOK ( don’t worry it’s well marked on the punch board and will make perfect sense as you slide your cardstock ) and repeat the the punching and scoring steps. Shift your cardstock one last time, then punch  and score on the curve. Your first side is done! I’m not kidding, it’s super easy!

post score curve Apost score vertical linepost first side

Now you just flip your cardstock over and do the same thing to the other side. After both sides are done you just need to add your thumb notches, which is on the reverse side of the board’s punching mechanism, and trim your tab where you will be adhereing your pillow box.

post thumb notch Apost trim flaps

Next comes the really fun part…designing your work of art. I wanted the recipient to be able to see what was on the inside so of course I knew I wanted a window. Since I made these for Valentines day that meant it was time to bring out the heart dies. I believe the die I used for this project was from Spellbinders, but I have had these heart dies so long I just can’t recall for certain. (They are copper colored, which Spellbinder dies are typically known for being, so that is why I’m leaning towards it being their die.) I laid my unscored pillow box on my Big Shot, centered the heart in one of the panels and rolled it through.

*Tip: We will add some acetate behind this window later but don’t do it yet. Do your stamping first so you don’t accidentally get any ink on the window. Hmmmm, wonder why I’m telling you this????

Once I had my heart cut out I started stamping. I pulled out a couple of different stamp sets I have because I wanted a menagerie of different heart styles. I used  Hello Life from Stampin’Up!, Lovey-Dovey from My Favorite Things, and Fabulous Phrases from Stampin’Up! for the word LOVE. After the stamping then you can flip it over and back that window with a scrap of actetate or plastic to finish it off.

post windowpost decoratedpost acetate window

Finally comes the assembly. Use a bone folder and score all your straight lines and use your fingers to gently give your curved flaps a soft fold. Now, because it is a dimensional project I used my sticky tape. I love the hold sticky tapes offer over a simple adhesive runner. I put the tape on the small flap that I trimmed up earlier. Once the tape is in place and the backing is removed just fold the box over on itself. You’ll see that it just kind of naturally happens. Gently pop it open to make it “pillow-like” and close the flaps on one end.  It is ready to be filled. Yay!!

*Tip: It’s important to note here that you really need to make sure you put tape right at the score line where the most stress will be on your pillow box, at the closure seam. You don’t want those M &M’s falling out!

post fold closedpost valentine treats

Your turn, go make some super cute pillow boxes. These things are better than brown paper packages tied up with strings in my book! If you don’t have the We R Memory Keepers Pillow Box Punch Board you might have the old Coluzzle system we all used to use. I still have mine believe it or not. Does anyone remember those? Does anyone have it??

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping in.

Happy paper crafting!   Shan

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