Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Tool To Die For, Die Brush That Is

OH…MY…GOSH…Can you hear Janice’s voice as she runs into Chandler Bing at Central Perk? If you were/are a Friends fan like I was then you know exactly what and who I am talking about. Yes, insert that expression here, right now!! That is how I feel about the new tool I used today for the first time. It was amazing! I used the new Big Shot Die Brush that Stampin’Up! is selling.

I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! How many times have you rolled your die through your die cut machine and then you have to stand there and poke all those little pieces out of all the little holes before you can run it through again? Not too mention while you are doing it you poke your finger in the process and end up drawing blood because your Cutter Bee tweezers are that sharp and pointy and that is not how you are supposed to be using them! WELL, NEVER AGAIN MY CRAFTING FRIENDS! NEVER AGAIN!

The best box I’ve opened in a long time! It comes with a foam mat and the brush. All you do is place the die you have used that is full of paper, paper side down on the mat. Then roll the brush across the die. That’s it. I did it really gently of course having never used it and not wanting to risk any damage to my die cut. It worked. You don’t have to press hard at all. Afterwards I lifted the die up and every single piece of cardstock was out of my die, the big and the small. Clean as a whistle. Did I mention that I loved this new product?

post open boxpost stuck paperpost roll the brushpost pick up the die

Couldn’t wait to share this one with you. Now back to the studio to actually make something with that die!

Happy paper crafting!   Shan

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