Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Always a Northern Girl At Heart

Today is the first day of school 'round these parts and I'm feeling very nostalgic. When I was a child the start of the school year meant autumn wasn't far behind. Autumn was and still is, though I don't get to experience it very often, my most favorite season. I grew up in Michigan and Ohio and the beginning of fall meant something very different to us northern folk. Mother Nature began to show us wondrous changes on that walk home from the school bus stop everyday. You got to wear your favorite sweater cause each day the walk home got a little bit cooler. I swear you could see the Buckeye, Maple and Oak leaves change their color as you strolled along. And by the middle of October the reds, oranges and yellows filled every outdoor scene. As those leaves fell to the ground, much to every parent's dismay, they had to be raked up. What do you do with a pile of raked up leaves? Well you jump in them of course! Oh, the hours we spent destroying those neatly raked piles. But that also meant the weekends were filled with the distinct aroma of burning leaves, cause that's how most of us got rid of them. They got burnt in the fire pit out back. What a smell! There is nothing like it. And amidst all this flurry of color, falling leaves and smoke you got to drink apple cider. Sometime cold, sometimes hot, it didn't really matter how it got served. It was delicious! Does any other flavor say autumn like fresh apple cider? Mmmmm!

So anyway, feeling those nostalgic memories wash over me this morning, I was inspired to use a new stamp set today from Stampin'Up! called Lighthearted Leaves. Although they aren't available for purchase until September 1st when the new holiday catalog goes live, it gives me a bit of time to play, be creative, and hopefully inspire you!

Have a wonderful day, thanks for popping in and watch for more beautiful leaves and fabulous colors to "fall" your way!

Happy Crafting!

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