Monday, May 18, 2015

Gift Bag Punch Board


Oh my goodness are these bags fun to make! The new punch board that Stampin’Up! has given us makes bag making so very easy. The directions are a bit challenging because they are super tiny and these eye of mine don’t work as well as they used to. But they are truly step by step. I was able to follow them, using the pictures provided, to make my first bag in no time. After a few, I could crank them out easy peasy. The decorating is the super fun part. Dig out your favorite DSP and card stock colors, a cherished stamp set and colorful ink pad, the perfect die for that special occasion…whatever inspires you!

I put some thought into the closures for the bags. The punch board gives you the ability to punch holes allowing twines, ribbons and the like to go through them to close the bags or give them handles. However, if you choose handles, you are left with extra unused holes that have been punched into your bag. Well, you know how I don’t like an unfinished looking project and I think unused punch holes qualify for that. But it was easy peasy to fix my dilemma. I made a template for each of the three sizes the board makes and using these templates only put holes where I need them. Problem solved.

Now you might notice that I said 3 sizes, but then you look at my picture and you’re thinking I definitely see more than 3 sizes there, right?? Did you catch this?? Well don’t you worry. Come to my open house and you’ll see first hand how to use this new Gift Bag Punch Board to it’s fullest potential.

And watch for more gift bag pics to come. I have a few more ideas I want to try to work out before I call it quits on my gift bag samples. I had to stop creating yesterday evening so I could put dinner together for my guys. A wife’s, mom’s, woman’s job is never done!

Happy Crafting! Shan

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  1. Although I am a Hallmark gal and have lots of great gift bag options, I must have this new gift bag punch board. Can't wait to play after seeing all the cute bags you made!!! Gift giving will never be the same.