Monday, January 26, 2015

Artist Easels

So I went to my DH (Dear Hubby) and asked him if he could make me some artist easels. You see, trying to precariously balance my foam core display boards around the house during my Stampin' Up! events was proving to be a difficult task with two cats in the house. Any time the boards go up they feel the need to be in the exact spot I put the boards in and then they further the difficulties by needing to rub their furry little faces all over them. This wasn't going to work, the cats were winning. Well, not only did my DH say yes to designing me a couple of easels, when I asked if he could have them for me by my next Stampin' Up! club event he said sure.(This guy rocks!) A trip to the store for some lumber and hinges and two days later I had two fabulous easels. They are awesome.

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